COLLAWELL Collagen Peptide Plus MSM Powder 30s
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What is Methylsulfonymethane (MSM)?
A chemical found in animals, humans, and many plants, MSM is commonly used to treat arthritis- osteoarthritis and other joint pain related to arthritis. Plus, it also been consumed to lessen inflammation and swelling. It is usually combined with collagen joint pain supplement for more effective result.

What is Collawell® Collagen Peptide Plus MSM Powder?
Collawell Collagen Peptide Plus MSM Powder is a registered food- collagen joint pain supplement that contains collagen peptide type II powder and Methylsulfonymethane (MSM). Collagen drink ideal for sports related joint pains to the knee, hip, shoulder, back and bone related injury.



How Does Collawell® Hydrolysate Complex Powder help in maintaining joint health and performance?

  • Collagen Peptide Type II helps to improve the structure of various connective tissues of the skin, bone, tendon and ligaments, by providing a uniquely healthful amino acid profile.[1]
  • Collagen Peptides Type II accumulates in cartilage tissue and stimulates the production of Type II collagen and proteoglycans in the extracellular matrix of cartilage.[2]
  • MSM Powder is a micronutrient that enhances movement & flexibility when used in combination with Type II collagen.[3]

Who is recommended to take Collawell® Collagen Peptide Plus MSM Powder?

  • Sportsperson who experience joint pain regularly
  • Athletes who are in competitive or extreme sports
  • People who are active in sport that require flexibility- yoga, stretching exercise
  • Adults who would like to be active and increase their flexibility during exercise
  • Joint pain during exercise or sports activities


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Active Ingredients
Collagen peptide type II                 9400 mg
MSM powder                                    500 mg

Registration number (Msia) : MAL 20172757NC



What is the recommended dosage?
Adult: 1 sachet (10g) daily, mix with water, juice or milk


Halal Certification

COLLAWELL® ingredients are certified Halal by the following Halal Board:
Collagen Hydrolysate is certified Halal by the Islamic Centre Aachen, Germany. Click to view certificate.
MSM Powder - The Islamic Food & Nutrition Council of America. Click to view certificate.



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