KAY KAY Rice & More! Low GI Skinny Rice 1kg
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The KAY KAY™ Rice & More!  Wholegrains is a Low Glycemic Index (Low GI) rice. Our range of mixed grains are packed with natural goodness for your specific health needs while still giving you the taste and comfort of rice.

This mixture is formulated specifically to maintain a healthy body weight.

Basmati Rice which is the low glycemic index rice gives a more balanced level of energy, keeping you fuller for longer. Brown Rice is known for its high levels of fibre which your system keeps flowing smoothly giving you the positive effects of a reduction in your body mass index and fat percentages.  And with the fibre taking longer to digest, you will feel full for longer, while the protein from the lentils help fuel your day.

Added to that Rice & More! is high in antioxidants, GMO and gluten free, rich in minerals, and with a low GI, satisfying your appetite for deliciously fluffy and aromatic rice has never been healthier.

Rice & More! A healthier choice for your daily rice.



Do you know the health benefits of the grains mix?

Basmati Rice
Low Glycemic index compared to white rice and low sodium. Energy is released at a slower, steadier rate and gives a more balanced level of energy, keeping you fuller for longer.
Brown Rice
Consumption of brown rice has positive effects on the reduction in body mass index and body fat.
Red Rice
Digest slowly and stable to release energy. You will feel satiated and not get hungry again too fast.
Organic Red Lentils
A Good source of protein and you will be fuelled up all day long [7].
Organic Hulled Buckwheat
Buckwheat has a high level of fiber, which adds bulk to your bowel movements, helping to move them through the digestive tract and it also acts as an appetite suppressant and reduce your chances of overeating.

“Carbohydrates with a low GI, such as basmati or brown rice, take longer to digest and cause your blood glucose to rise slowly, making you feel full longer and therefore eat less. Low GI food also reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes [12].”

The Greatest Guide to Slimming & Healthy Living by Wendy Green, ISBN 978-1-907906-00-8                



This product contains the mixture of:

Basmati Rice (India)
Brown Rice (Malaysia)
Red Rice (Malaysia)
Organic Red Lentils (Turkey)
Organic Hulled Buckwheat (China)​


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